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Touchy, Feely...I think so!

Upon meeting me, I think it is generally quite evident that I care about the people around me. I am always conscious of how people feel. I work hard to make others feel included and as if their views matter. I try to be polite and acknowledge those around me (even if they are not favorite person). This all stems from my view that we are all human. That in itself requires us to treat everyone with respect and dignity. That is not to say that we must like every person we encounter or that we need to agree with everyone's position on volatile issues. We do, however, need to recognize our joint humanity and respect that.

This is something that has been on my mind since sometime around August, when my co-workers and I took a personal leadership assessment. It was at this point that I was designated as the "touchy, feely" one in the office. I didn't see anything wrong with this. So I care about those around me in addition to doing a good job. What is the problem wi…

Observations on the Day

Howdy hey there!

So I realize it's been quite awhile since I've written. I guess I just haven't felt inspired to write about anything lately. Today that changed...

Here are a collection of random thoughts for the day
It is super freakin' fanstastically awesome when you find that someone has dug your car out of the 1 1/2 feet of snow that surrounded it! Thank you Verlyn!!! You are a rockstar at life!It is also fantabulous when that same person lets your dog ride shotgun in their snow plow after she invites herself in for a ride!
People who live in your building should not steal your favorite pink and green socks from laundry and then wear them around the building (especially when there are only 8 girls in the building). It's just not cool! I now have 2 incomplete pairs of socks. I refuse to wear one pink sock and one green sock. They need to match!!!Students should not walk around a common area in only their boxes that are literally falling apart. Being connected to t…