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Reflections on Technology--Blessing or Curse? (Round 1)

In light of recent events in the lives of an individual very close to me, I have spent a great deal of time contemplating the value of the advancement of technology in our lives. Does it really do more harm then good? Does it really simplify our lives? Does it create unnecessary stress? Are we becoming closed off from the world around us? If so, these are serious implications. I don't know that I can safely say I am comfortable with all of the answers I have come to. Here are my reflections thus far...

Topic #1: Facebook
I will honestly say that in most instances I could be considered a sizable fan of Facebook. I can keep in contact with friends from Texas, Indiana, Cottey, Coe, my study abroad experience in Italy, and even my host mom. I love the ability to connect with people in a different way than just an email or text. In some ways, now that I am out of college, Facebook does not seem to be a great a part of my life as it was in college. My levels of free time has c…

Rocking Out...Seeing Slash in Concert

So a week ago tomorrow, my boyfriend and I went to see Slash in concert. I had no idea what I was getting myself into going to this concert. I can't say that I knew too much about Slash before this concert. All I knew was what Eliot what had told me about the guitarist from Guns n' Roses.

In getting dressed for the concert, I asked Eliot what to wear. He response was something along the lines, "Just wear what you normally wear." So I did. Not exactly the smartest move I have ever made. I pulled the top clean shirt out of the draw and a nice pair of jeans. What did I wear to a Slash concert? 1 bright pink shirt, jeans, a daisy necklace, and a pair of cute shoes. I realized the error of my ways when we got to the venue. Pretty much everyone else was wearing torn jeans, black t-shirts from bands like Metallica and Guns n' Roses. A lot of people had interesting piercings and tattoos.

Initially, I felt really awkward about being there. I thought the openi…