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You know you are a nerd and take school a little too seriously when...

So I had a bit of a minor revelation today about my love/possible obsession with school today while setting up my new (functional) printer and testing it out.

Here is some background info on the revelation:
In case you didn't hear, I decided to pursue my Masters of Divinity degree at McCormick Theological Seminary beginning this month. As of now, I am about 2 weeks into classes as a seminary student. Additionally, as some of you know, I have often said that I think the ideal job for me would be to be able to get paid to take classes at colleges and universities around the world. At the end of each term, I would critique the overall class experience and provide extensive feedback for the instructors on ways to improve their courses and better reach their students. Awesome--I know!!!

Listed below are the top ways I realized you should know you take school seriously. See what you think!

Your desk is about 3 times larger than your kitchen table. (See picture for proof)You are willing t…