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Friends Come and Friends Go

I have always known that friends come and go in one's life. It seems like a natural part of life. There are some friends who are meant to be there for a long time, and then there are others who are only in our lives for a short time. Then there are those friends who you think will be there for you for a long time, but life sometimes has other plans for those friends.

I am thinking of one friend in particular. I met this individual my first few days at Coe. Things seemed pretty great. We had a lot in common, hung out all the time, and got to know the inner workings of Coe together. I always imagined that she would be one those friends that I would have in my life for years to come. That all seemed to change right around the time I graduated from Coe. Suddenly our priorities in life seemed completely different. I was worried about what I would be doing with my life after college, and she was worried about who her next boyfriend would be.

I realized that we were drifting apart and was…

Small town Iowa...Pella style

Ever think that big cities can be confusing to drive? Lots of traffic, hard to read street signs, no sense of direction, feeling turned around? These seem to be pretty common issues that people face when driving in larger cities that they are unfamiliar with. I know that I have had some interesting adventures while driving in Chicago, St. Louis, etc. However, I would not think that somewhere like Pella, Iowa could be as infuriating to drive in as a huge city. I mean, in all honesty, Pella only has about 10,000 people within its city limits. How confusing could it really be?

Well Pella itself was not the issue tonight. In fact, Pella has great streets with little windmills and all. They are easy to read. The roads seem pretty much straight--no strange or unexpected turns due to rivers and what not. The issue came in tonight due to the following issues:
the individual in charge of the logistics of the conference did not provide attendees with the address of the college president's …