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Death of the Reusable Grocery Bags

So I am all for the use of reusable grocery bags. I think there is no need to waste resources and to make so many plastic bags. They will probably just end up in a landfill anyways. I can't say that I am always the best at remembering to take them to the store, but I have been getting better at it.

I went grocery shopping the other day and took 3 of my reusable grocery bags with me. I didn't have a ton of groceries, and they would have easily fit within in three bags. They lady who was checking me out asked, "how heavy do you want them?" I said, "Just spread the groceries between the 3 bags. I don't want them to be heavy." I guess she wasn't listening or thought she knew better. She ended up cramming all my purchases into only 2 of the bags. As a result, they were overly heavy and awkward to carry. In the end, one of them ended up ripping.

This isn't the first time this has happened. It hasn't been at the same store either. Why is…


I have noticed that in recent days it has not taken much for my mood to change from positive/optimistic to frustrated and downtrodden. I have not been a fan of how much it has been happening. Generally, I am extremely optimistic and peppy about life. I like being like that. It keeps me going even during the rough patches. I have been trying to figure out what needs to change so that I can continue to be the peppy person that I have the tendency to be. I don't know that I have figured out exactly what needs to change, but I feel like I am taking steps in the right direction.

I found a quote today that I think is going to be helpful. It should help keep things in perspective!
Dennis & Wendy Mannering once said, "Attitudes are contagious. Are yours worth catching?"

I suppose at first glance, this isn't the most astounding quotation ever, but at the same time, if you stop to think about it, it is quite profound. If you have a negative attitude, why would peop…