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You know you are a nerd and take school a little too seriously when...

So I had a bit of a minor revelation today about my love/possible obsession with school today while setting up my new (functional) printer and testing it out.

Here is some background info on the revelation:
In case you didn't hear, I decided to pursue my Masters of Divinity degree at McCormick Theological Seminary beginning this month. As of now, I am about 2 weeks into classes as a seminary student. Additionally, as some of you know, I have often said that I think the ideal job for me would be to be able to get paid to take classes at colleges and universities around the world. At the end of each term, I would critique the overall class experience and provide extensive feedback for the instructors on ways to improve their courses and better reach their students. Awesome--I know!!!

Listed below are the top ways I realized you should know you take school seriously. See what you think!

  1. Your desk is about 3 times larger than your kitchen table. (See picture for proof)
  2. You are willing to move into your new apartment without a bed but get rather anxious at the idea of not having a desk where you can study.
  3. You color coordinate the binder and spiral notebook for each class with the name of the classes your are taking (as you are best able). For example, my binder and spiral notebook for Intro to Biblical Studies are blue because Bible starts with at "b" as does blue. (Yet again, see picture for proof.)
  4. You have more pens, pencils, and highlighters than can fit in 3 pencil bags, a small 3 drawer set, and a pencil cup.
  5. You LOVE buying any sort of school and office supplies. Need evidence of this? Just refer to # 3 above. (I know others who match this description...Wendy! :-) )
  6. You color coordinate your assignments for each class in your planner based on the color of the binder for the class (again as you are able--yellow presents a bit of a challenge).
  7. You have a planner and actually use it.
  8. You spend 20 minutes in the store looking at planners to try to find just the right one. So long in fact, that the sales reps starting asking if you need help locating anything because you look lost.
  9. You read so much your dog sleeps in your lap because she needs more quality time with you in some way. Oh, and she becomes your book rest.
  10. You are stressed about classes and the only thing that will calm you down sufficiently is to organize your binders for each class.
  11. You realize all of this, find it funny, and decide to post it on the web for the world to see!!!
So there you have it. My top 11 reasons as to how I know I am a nerd and take school a little too seriously! :-)


  1. Yup! Sounds about right! :) Glad to hear you are doing well! Miss you!

  2. #12: you always want to be prepared for a "scholarly" moment at all times, thus carry AT LEAST 12 pens in your purse at all times!


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