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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Quintessential Life: the comforting scent of books

In recent days I have had several conversations regarding the new "wireless reading devices" such as the Kindle and the Nook versus a traditional book. While I think that there could be some advantages to having one of these electronic "books," I would tend to say that I am old-fashioned and don't want one. I would much prefer to sit down with a newly released hard covered book from one of my favorite authors rather than yet another electronic device. No one (at least that I know) really says on a cool rainy day,
"Oh I would love nothing more than curling up on the couch with a cup of tea/coffee/hot cocoa and my 'wireless reading device.'"
I would much prefer to do so with a real book.

Now you may wonder why a member of the Millennial Generation (aka Generation Y) prefers an actual book to an electronic device. My answer...because of the comforting scent of books! What's that you say?
"Books have a scent? I've never noticed."
I'm here to tell you that yes indeed they do. It's a glorious scent, if I do say so myself. I love walking into a bookstore (my personal favorites are Barnes & Noble and Half Priced Books) to the pleasant smell of books. Even libraries have a certain scent. Although they often include a slight hint of mildew...not quite as pleasant in my estimation. Bookstores, however, have a simplistic elegance and grandeur. You walk into a bookstore and there it is--instant comfort.

I have always had a certain fascination with books. In fact, it has been a lifelong goal of mine to have my own library in my house. I have yet to accomplish that, but I have plenty of time yet. My book collection is well underway though. My infatuation with books started at a young age. You could say that it runs in the family. You only need to look in my dad's office to understand where it comes from. Our house is covered in books. My parents had my brother and I reading from a young age. They read to use even before either of us could read. In fact, I still remember my favorite book as a young child. Hand Hand Finger Thumb. (My parents should have suspected that I would become a percussionist). In any case, books have been a central part of my life and always will be--in part because of the comforting scent of books.

Don't believe me? Next time you go into a bookstore, pay attention to the smell (beyond that of coffee). The smell of books! What could be better?!?


  1. I love your blog kellie! I agree, there's just something about holding a real book. I always wondered if people thought I was a weirdo because I sniff a book whenever I buy it. See you in a week!

  2. Nice blog! I look forward to meeting you soon, Kelly.

    And I'm glad to see a younger person who understands The Smell of Books. I get my highs in the public library--tons of books--all free for me to read!!! Wow!!!