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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Adventures in Tweeting

Well today was a first. I've never "tweeted" before. I have friends who enjoy using Twitter, but I hadn't jumped on the bandwagon until today. If you care to follow my tweets, you can find them @kegontap.

(As a side note, the idea of "k.e.g. on tap" came from a series of suggestions from a friend and my brother. It is a play on my initials. I thought it was unique and entertaining since my father is a minister. Most people see me as the stereotypical, well-behaving PK...aka pastor's kid.)

Back to the point, today was my first experience "tweeting." I think it could be interesting. I am following AmeriCorps, AmeriCorps VISTA, Coe, the city of Cedar Rapids, and (my personal favorite) This I Believe. I think that I will mostly use Twitter to keep up with the latest articles put up by This I Believe. That might change as I get more experience with Twitter. Who knows? I'm not certain (as of now) what the educational applications for my Twitter account would be, but I could see how it might be beneficial for Service Learning to have a Twitter account to communicate with students about upcoming service opportunities.

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