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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

LibraryThing rocks my socks

In case you couldn't tell, I absolutely love books and love reading! So online cataloging is great. I've already added 70ish books to my library (and that's only the ones I can remember right now). My username on LibraryThing is kegriffin. (Creative, I know. Don't be envious...jk) I can see how beneficial it will be to have a catalog of books I have read, want to read, own, etc. all in one place that I can access from just about anywhere. I am excited to see just how many books I can come up with that I have read and am in possession of. I'm guessing it's going to be a pretty large number. Barnes & Noble is my favorite store after all. :)

One thing I like about LibraryThing is the ability to categorize books as I see fit. I can have the novels I've read for fun, career guides, childhood favorites, and areas of interest. This is nice feature. I also think this will be a fun way to interact with fellow book enthusiasts (like my family, friends, etc...).

I think online cataloging could definitely have a place in a school setting. Faculty members can develop an online catalog of required texts for a course, additional sources they consider credible, as well as books of interest that facilitate a students' ability to further pursue a field of interest. I wish some of my high school teachers and college professors would have had this as an option while I was a student.

As if it wasn't already obvious, I think online cataloging is a great resource! I am happy to have learned about it. Prior to 13 things, I had no idea such websites existed. Thanks including this one!!!

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